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Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., LTD.

Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd was established in August 1994,it is located in Fuzhoucheng Town Industrial Park Zone Dalian Wafangdian city, the company covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, in which the building area is nearly 50,000 squar

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Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., LTD.

Top Product

  • Wasabi Paste

    Wasabi Paste

  • Wasabi Powder

    Wasabi Powder

  • Fish bottle Soy Sauce

    Fish bottle Soy Sauce

  • Sushi Vinegar

    Sushi Vinegar

  • Kosher Mirin

    Kosher Mirin

  • Japanese Curry

    Japanese Curry

  • Halal Mayonnaise

    Halal Mayonnaise

  • Fresh Horseradish Root

    Fresh Horseradish Root

  • Cases

    Tianpeng Sushi vinegar

    Tianpeng Sushi vinegar

    Sushi vinegar is brewed by grain in China and has been used by people for thousa


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